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+About Me

Filmmaker & Educator

My film story starts because I picked up my dad's camcorder when I was twelve, and what began as goofy music videos and class projects turned into a passion for telling stories through motion, composition, color, music, and dialogue.

After leaving high school with a few professional projects under my belt, I went to the University of Missouri hoping to become a news broadcaster or producer. I quickly realized that I loved film, but disliked all of the negative content in the news. 

I decided to change careers and pursue education while continuing with film as well, capturing weddings and events. The rest of college was an exploration of my passion for teaching and learning while using my video production skills for various professional projects. I love that I get to work with students, players, couples, and clients year round as a high school English teacher, volleyball coach, and filmmaker. 

Proposal Videos

Whether you're proposing on the bench where you first met or at the peak of a new adventure, I'd love to travel to commemorate you asking the big question.

+ Services

Wedding Day Videos

No photo can retain all of the little details, laughs, sounds, and memories of the whole day. Let's talk about how I can capture the feeling of your day so it can be re-lived and shared for decades.


Getting married is a blur--  have the words of your officiant and full vows filmed so you can re-live the tradition of your wedding ceremony.


+ Portfolio

Ariel & Sylvanus
Kansas City, MO

Ariel & Sylvanus have a story for the ages. After dating across the world long-distance, they both finally got to not only call each other husband and wife but live for the rest of their days together! With a Spanish-inspired Villa as a backdrop and family and friends from all across the globe as witnesses, Ariel and Syl made heart eyes at each other ALL day, ending with iconic portraits at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Jordan & Aasta
Wilmar, MN

I met Jordan and Aasta two years ago at a hostel in Switzerland, and we immediately became friends. It was on this trip that I decided to film weddings when I came back home, which made their wedding cyclically significant and poetic to me. This wedding was a beautiful union and reunion of two families who already had so much love for each other, and a gift to witness. I had some footage of Jordan & Aasta from Europe that I wanted to work into the film, and the nostalgic feeling of the wedding lent itself perfectly to including some at the beginning and end. 

Khalil & Lexie
Jefferson City, MO

Lexi and Khalil's wedding was a picture of what it looks like for friends and family to come together and lift a couple up. If it takes a village to raise a couple, these two have a whole city behind them as you can hear in the best man's toast. Lexi and Khalil's energy is contagious when they are together. Khalil's steady love combined with Lexi's heart for others creates an unbreakable team, and you can't help but smile at how sincere they are in small looks, touches, and words.

+ Portfolio

Jack & Emily
Blue Springs, MO

From the start, these two knew they had something special. There's something about the way they look at each other that makes it so clear that Jack and Emily are dizzy in love. Watch the way Jack and Emily walk through the forest, hold each other, and laugh with their whole faces. This send-off was a blast- check out the bubbles at 5:37

Ashley & Andrew
Nixa, MO

Ashley and Andrew's day was a beautiful reunion of friends and family. High school friends and 13 years later, these two found a love that is steady, caring, and grounded in respect for each other. From reading handwritten letters to holding hands in marriage, Ashley and Andrew floated through this day with jokes, laughs, and smiles. For their adorable kids, Mom and Dad are now husband and wife.

Sarah & Eric
Barrington, IL

"Today is the absolute celebration of togetherness"-Father of the Bride. This summer wedding was an absolute dream. Sarah and Eric were truly forming a family when they came together. From getting ready in her childhood home, to exchanging vows in a sentimental parish, to dancing the night away in an intimate historic house, Sarah and Eric's love story was a total blast to capture. 

Logan & Carly
Buffalo, MO

From 7th grade crushes to soulmates, Carly and Logan are a forever kind of love. With family connections to both venues, these two embraced their stress-free day by enjoying every second they had with their friends and family. Check out the reception at 5:58- it's straight out of a movie: family young and old came together to dance the night away.

Dylan & Alyssa
Aurora, NE

This wedding was straight up whimsical. During the rehearsal dinner on Alyssa's family farm, heartfelt toasts transitioned into a sky full of fireworks. The wedding day was full of thoughtful and sentimental details, meaningful gifts, memories, and letters. From portraits on the land that Alyssa grew up on to confetti at the ceremony to the "corn cob dance," this wedding was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

Love Stories Videos
Kyle & Justine
Lafayette, IN

As Kyle and Justine toured Purdue's campus to reminisce about the places they met and fell in love, it was easy to see how natural their love is for both of them. For these two, this was a day of bright smiles, sneaking extra kisses, and exceptional dance moves (you better believe they had a coordinated routine). If you can get through Kyle's vows without getting a little emotional, then I don't know what will. 

Ryan & Olivia
Fulton, MO

These two know how to throw a party. This day went from a light and fun morning to a prayerful and intentional ceremony to a borderline rave for the reception-- Ryan and Olivia covered it all. Their caring relationship shines through (watch Olivia grin through the ceremony) and their families fit together like a puzzle.  

Cheyenne & Greg
Buffalo, MO

It's a gift being able to see two best friends vow to spend their lives growing close to each other. Greg and Cheyenne danced through the rain, ogling at each other with bright eyes all day. Through stories and laughter, these two showed what true love is all about, and the reception was a great reminder of the impact that two people can have on the people around them.

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